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android, iOS, web :: hacking + reverse engineering

Using VSCode with Jupyter Notebooks and Python Virtual Environments

python programming jupyter vscode coding

Set up a Jupyter Notebook in Visual Studio Code using Python virtual environments.


Sniffing Bluetooth Traffic with the Ubertooth One on MacOS Big Sur

hacking bluetooth ubertooth wireless big sur

Learn to capture and analyse bluetooth communications on MacOS Big Sur using the ubertooth one device from Great Scott Gadgets, which you can find here.


Solving the Traced Android CTF with Frida

hacking reverse engineering ctf android frida

Reversing is fun, but why work harder than we have to 😎? In this post, we learn how to re-sign an Android application bundle to run in our emulator, attempt a static analysis of an API key generation function, and use the Frida dynamic instrumentation toolkit to solve a simple Android CTF.


Learning AArch64 Exploit Development on iOS with Radare2

hacking reverse engineering arm64 aarch64 mobile ios radare2

Turn your iPhone into an AArch64 (ARM64) binary exploitation learning lab! We'll set up a 64 bit ARM exploit development environment and explore memory corruption vulnerabilities on iOS using the powerful radare2 reverse engineering toolkit.


Building an iOS Application Scanner Part 1 - IPA Bundle Exploration

ios mobile reverse engineering python

Whether you consider yourself a researcher, a reverse engineer, or a curious tinkerer– you're guaranteed to go further if you can find ways to analyze your targets more efficiently. In this first of a series of posts, we're going to begin looking at the .IPA file format used by iOS applications, and how we can use existing Python libraries to write a standalone .IPA security scanning tool.

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